Statistics show that real estate agent will spend nearly 20 hours performing their own transaction management work. If you spent the same 20 hours prospecting you would double your 40 hour week profitability.
A Transaction Coordinator manages all the details for a Real Estate Agent helping them optimize their time and make more money.
The best way for us to our job is to have contact with everyone involved. All communication from us is by email and you will be CC'd on everything.
There are no upfront retainer fees due and if the property is not sold, there will not be any fee paid to Transaction Coordinate Services. Transaction Coordinate Services will be paid through escrow immediately upon closing.
All documents are kept secure and confidential with Transaction Coordinate Services.
For questions before opening a Transaction Coordinating Service with us please use our contact page. When you Start a Transaction Coordinating Service with us we provide you with several ways to contact us; cell phone, email, text and Skype.
We CC you on every email and transaction.